Thursday, February 2, 2012

a lot can change

It has been over 2 weeks since I last wrote....a lot can change in two weeks. When I last wrote, I was realizing living in Korea was hard on me. I needed to cling to the Lord more. Just be faithful to believe in His promises. He has been so completely gracious to me. I mean seriously gracious. My heart has been easily distracted to escape rather than run to His open arms. I am a foolish child. Why do I seem to always come back this problem of not being faithful in the small?? Yet Abba Father has graciously loved on me unconditionally and He is faithful to bring glory to His name. (I'm in tears just even writing this) He has led me to a group of deep, honest women that I can fellowship with each with week (wow what a gift!). My heart is overjoyed to study the word and worship with these women. I know they will become my family during my time in Korea.   

I have become excited about a few other opportunities forming as well. My application just got processed to begin volunteering for Red Cross which will hopefully put me in contact with a lot people I can just love and serve. I found out there is an orphanage in our city and I am just itching to visit it!! Our friend, Ben, is becoming a really dear friend. His family (wife and 3 boys) will hopefully be joining us in Korea soon and I am so ready to dive into a deep friendship with them. I also have a few relationships forming with Korean women at our Realtor's office. Maybe some day soon, we can actually hang out! 

Another big life event that happened in the past two weeks... we grieved a death of a brother in our homegroup back in Texas. Cancer is UGLY. I like how Neva said "For some reason, Nick could not stay with us forever.  I can't stop thinking about all he is seeing right now.  I keep telling him in my mind “told you so!  You knew heaven would blow your mind!” Better things have happened for him.  And those who love Jesus as our Lord and Savior and have surrendered our will to Him will reunite with Nick in God‟s appointed time." My heart now prays daily for Andi, his wife. She is a hero to many as she let everyone (who wanted to) walk beside them in their fight against cancer. I love her.

We also have some other big news, but I will wait until the next post to update you :) 

Here are some pictures of our latest adventure:


  1. I am so excited for you about the encouraging relationships God is bringing into your life! We girls definitely need other women, opportunities to serve, and families to love! :) I can't wait to hear your other news! Don't wait too long to post!

  2. you have a new blog!! yaaaaaay! i can see that God is still growing you all is just AMAZING ways. prayers to you both as you serve Him and our country. i can't wait for the next post! :) love and prayers!