Thursday, December 29, 2011

a few more steps

It's amazing what writing can do. For me, I usually always gain more freedom of mind and spirit by writing out my thoughts. Just wanted to share with you all that today feels a bit more normal here in Korea. I think it is partially due to finally starting to journal about my time here. Maybe it is also due to a few more steps I took yesterday. I finally found the motivation to go on base by myself and gets some things done. I needed to get our medical insurance switched over to overseas .... check! I needed to by some groceries for dinner .... check! AND I wanted to get some information about volunteering and employment opportunities..... check!

There was one volunteer possibility that sounded really fun. The director of the youth sports program needs an assistant. I don't know what it would all entail, but I'm definitely going to look into it. The volunteer coordinator said it could turn into a job as well (woohoo). NDE also encouraged me to look into ways we can volunteer in the community next time I go talk to them. We'll see what comes from that :)

Today I am thankful for my incredible THOUGHTFUL husband and my incredibly GOOD coffee. Some of you my know I am quite fond of coffee (what you would call a coffee snob). Well, we didn't have a coffee maker because all of our household goods have not arrived in Korea yet, so I decided I would just fast from coffee until it arrived. NDE decided to take matters into his own hands and bought a coffee maker for $10 from one of his buddies. He surprised me last night with it! And fortunately, my Costa Rican family (the wonderful Delgados) gave me a bag of ground supreme Costa Rican coffee that I could brew this morning. Words can not describe the experience of my first sip of liquid heaven (as my cousin Courtney would say)!! Dramatic, I know. haha!

Take a look at the set up just to make a few cups of coffee:

coffee pot plugged into US outlet into Korean outlet
love my new anthropologie mug!

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  1. So glad you got your liquid heaven! Heaven only knows what may have happened if you had abstained any longer...